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Wedding of Your Dreams


We have been fulfilling the dreams of young couples for 25 years to make sure that this extraordinary celebration wouldn’t finish in one night, but lasted for years. The picture to which we want to come back is one of the best memories for the rest of your life.

The magic of photographs


You know how it is like in the crowd of numerous exhibitors, of whom few are photographers, only one voice turns your eyes towards it… That’s how it was in our case. We were walking, observing through, and in one moment all our attention payed one voice full of passion, commitment – tremendous. We squeezed through the crowd and we saw two passionate faces. Incredible people, that energy and passion! We hadn’t known then when the wedding was going to be held, but the photographer was already chosen 🙂 THEM or nobody else! Great contact with a lot of positive energy. We had that exquisite honour to work with three people from the Foto-Mono team. The photographer who accompanied us during the ceremony and the wedding party was completely invisible. No one felt the lens on, “nobody put the lens into somebody’s dish”; total discretion. The pictures he made were wonderful. The task was very difficult because the event was held in 3 rooms with very different lighting, which was quite a challenge; what’s more, the garden was at the guests’ disposal. As you can see, there was a lot to do 🙂 The day of the photo session came. The photo session which was.. well, what was it like? For us, a great adventure that will stay in our hearts and memory for many years. Emotions and delight with professionalism and perfectionism did not cease to impress us. We are people with passion straight from the heart and people like us we can always spot in the crowd. I have tears in my eyes every time I look at masterpieces made by you, not for the fact that photoshop works wonders, but only for the fact that every picture shows what you can not describe with words. You can see the magic that unites us, what takes your breath away not only when we show the album, I see this delight with every single shot, every frame, every idea for a photo. And the photographers, well, two people whom I will never forget, you have to see them in action to know what I’m talking about. I recommend to everyone with all my heart, we have loved them and so will you, WE ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE!

Haikara Haikara

Perfect photos



Properly used game of natural and artificial light allows us to take pictures that at first glance have something extraordinary inside.


Without this element, even the best technical photo would be only a nice looking picture.


Authentic photo is a timeless photo. The truth once enchanted in photography returns to us magically every time we see it.

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